Work smarter together

Vivil makes social collaboration possible through groups with feeds, overview of upcoming activities and sharing of pictures and files. Group management is flexible and handles different organizational structures and sharing of admin rights across groups.

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Communicate efficiently with other staff and volunteers through our awesome chat. It increases interaction, saves time from email, SMS, Whatsapp/Messenger/Viber and other apps and avoid information across multiple channels.


Vivil makes it easy to schedule activities, send out invites and get responses. Volunteers get an overview of upcoming activites and can participate in planning and execution. Activity cards give information about who is attending and lets you add additional information such as where it takes place and tasks to be done.

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Notifications through both app, email and SMS makes it possible for volunteers to get reminders and stay up to date, even without the app. This reduces the no-show rate on activities and makes volunteers feel more part of the organization.


High-level planning

Centralized communication

Social networking effects

Easy for everyone to use

Save money on administration

Integration of seperate modules


Organizations using Vivil